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In Love

I just have to wonder if I'm the only one who's ever looked at a picture or album of pictures and had the innocent ruined by a back story I know... It just feels weird, especially when my mind starts picking up on things I wouldn't have imagined.

I have these two friends, one a rather flirty hetero(A) and the others a rather eccentric I don't know what the hell (B) and I just saw some pictures of them. A's already told me that B has hit on her, many times and been turned down all but one. They've kissed. She says it was might not have been, she's kissed a few other people who flirt with her, mostly to shut them up. But...maybe I'm just the possessor of an overactive imagination...looking at those pictures, I can already see that B is going to try again, and not just once, it's in her eyes- you know the look a friend gives another friend when they're getting half of what they want from the other, that pining look, I see it in B's eyes even when A isn't in the picture and I am probably predicting correctly when B is looking over at A who is out of frame. And, after a few years or so, I've learned a thing about A, and I started picking up the look in her too. She may flirt with a lot of people, but she has a look that goes beyond flirting, a look for people who mean more to her than a distracting flirt...this is also read as "you just might have a chance." The camera has caught her giving said look to B.

And, I'm damned sure that I'm not imagining this. Have you ever looked at a picture of two people, even if you didn't know either of them and they weren't in anyway engaged in a PDA and you just saw the spark, that something that says if they're not dating now, then they should be? That bit of soul in the picture that's broadcasting what they're trying to hide.

I'm beginning to think that A and B should acknowledge it...but I'm not supposed to know the backstory, not all of it anyway...I just have this niggling feeling...really irritating, niggling feeling.

All comments welcome, and there aren't as many rhetorical questions as it seems.

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Post on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:45 pm by Resurrection Vic

I'd give a dime to make you mine
but, alas, I've not a cent.
I offer my shoulder, my best consoler,
it's for you when you are spent.
I'll be your eyes when the world goes dark,
and your healer when the pain is stark.
At the very least, I'll be your freind
for rapports such as ours live 'till the end.
Worry not, for what you can't give,
for I can heal, and thus, shall live.

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