How to petition your world space for Persistent Worlds:

  • If you feel you have a world space that qualifies for Persistent Worlds, you can petition it by contacting any moderator. When you contact the moderator, please make sure you have links to the current role play(s) , interest check(s), and/or any other information that a moderator needs to view your world space for approval. Before contacting a moderator, make sure your idea meets the qualifications listed in the FAQ. For easy reference, a person with a qualifying world space should be able to answer yes to all of these questions:

      Is there already an existing role play?
      • Is there someone else who has plans to create another role play or written work using my world space?
      • Have I described the level of influence role-player actions can have on my setting's canon?
      • Is the OOC thread for my world space clearly structured and coded for easy reference?
      • Is my world space background information fluent?
      • Is there room for growth within the world space information I've already laid out?
      • Does my idea not easily fit within any current persistent world space?

    If you answered yes to all of the above, your world space may qualify. Please PM a moderator to petition your world space.