Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a persistent world?
      A persistent world (PW) is a role playing world space created with the intention of permanent use by multiple Game Masters in separate story arcs.

    What are game masters and story arcs?
      A Game Master (GM) is the creator of a role play. A story arc is a plot or idea created by a GM, usually to be role played one on one or in group format. They are commonly introduced in the form of interest checks.

    What does a PW out of character (OOC) thread have in it?
      A persistent world should have a structured OOC thread. This should include historical timeline, geographical references, basic explanation of biological and environmental settings, magic and technology limitations (if any), and any other information deemed necessary for a thorough world space. This information should be fluent but flexible. There should be room for future role players to have creative license within this world space.

    How should a PW OOC thread be structured and maintained?
      A PW OOC thread should be clearly sectioned with titles, breaks, or seperate posts. It should clearly state whether the world is Storyline or Sandbox. In the event that a storyline PW OOC thread needs to be updated and the original GM is no longer active, the information can be PMed to any one moderator for editing. Please do not ask a moderator to bold, underline, italicize, delete, rewrite, or otherwise code the information. This should be done by the current GM or participating member. Directions on where to place the new edited information should be clear. Limits to editing requests are once per week per persistent world.

    What sort of participant qualifications are required to create a persistent world?
      A persistent world should have at least one active story arc and plans for another story arc. There should be a minimum of two GMs with two different story arcs. More story arcs can be added later, this is just the minimum qualification. Qualifying story arcs include solitary ongoing written works, private one on one, casual or advanced role plays.

    What sort of qualities make persistent worlds stand apart from normal role plays?
      A persistent world should have plans for, or at least the capacity to contain, multiple story arcs that cross space and time. A persistent world should be able to continue being role played regardless of the original creator's level of activity. A persistent world should stand apart. If the ideas could arguably be executed within another persistent world, it is not unique enough to qualify.

    How does each individual role play affect the canon information of its persistent world?
      Each role play is considered cannon. Some may happen chronologically before others so be clear on what era your role plays are set in! Others may take place in geographically different area which could lead to characters of one RP interacting with those of another, or having a cross over event. The possibilities are endless provided you stick to the main themes, history and geography of the persistent world.

    What are sleeping worlds?
      Sleeping worlds are persistent worlds that are no longer active. These worlds can be petitioned to be woken. The qualifications to reawaken a sleeping world are the same as that required to start a new world.