About Persistent Worlds

  • 'Persistent Worlds' is a role-playing project revolving around the creation of a permanent universe used as a special platform for fictional worlds to persist from one role-play to the next.

    Each role-play has a setting--localized or broad, detailed or vague, ecosystems, planets, galaxies. Regardless of scale or scope, when a story is told, its world grows. When the world itself becomes a character in the larger saga, a chance may arise to tell another story - two, four, hundreds. Eventually, the world itself begins to tell its own story, to go beyond its legends and to tell its own history and to forge its own future.

    Our world has a linear timeline, a scientific catalog of the plant and animal life of the world, historical documentation dating as far back as written history, a geological explanation of the history of Earth and its inhabitants as well as geographical records of the world as it is shaped today. Beyond that, our world has myths, legends, tales, and stories told by ear that, whether true or not, have shaped the world we live in. Much like the world we live in, a persistent world should be a self sustaining universe filled with information and, of course, opportunity.

    Persistent Worlds, in function, work like the other sections. There is an interest check, an OOC and an IC section. Where they differ from the others is that ALL role-plays storylines are considered cannon to the world. Role-plays can be set in different eras or locations but everything that happens contributes to the ever expanding world. All completed RPs will be stickied in their IC (instead of being placed in the Hall of Fame) so that they are easily reference. Persistent worlds survivability is placed in their heavy amounts of information and ability to continue contributing that information regardless on who is giving it; therefore, the most important detail a persistent world could have is organization. With clarity and organization, future contributors can continue with wonderful worlds never ending.