What is FoG?

FoG (an acronym for Footsteps of Ghosts) is an established role-playing community created May 13, 2009. It focuses on the true nature of writing and the organization of original literary compositions. Members concentrate on their craft in a friendly community of fellow writers who seek to expand their knowledge of contemporary creative writing and to further their literary competencies. FoG was designed specifically for writers, be them simple hobbyists, those studying in the field of writing, or those that have been recognized in the story-telling community.

FoG was created by Jeanette, better known as Fayt Fyre (formally Fate Foretold), and then continually improved by Tony, or Axiom Awaits. Jeanette has a long previous history of message board creation and Administrating, and has, herself, been writing stories since childhood. FoG was made as a haven for all those who enjoy writing and role-playing who wish to do so with others at their skill level.

After a while Kathryn Lacey was chosen to take over as FoG leader because Fayt's real life obligations were becoming more demanding. For a few years FoG thrived, but eventually membership and activity declined. After FoG was declared dead Gadreille was chosen to protect the site from any who would defile the memory that was FoG. Years passed and, after talking with all the former leaders of FoG, Sunwolf was given an opportunity to revive the site. He as been working hard to update the site while still holding true to the core idea of creating a writer's paradise.